Itero Intra-Oral Scanner

Itero Intra-Oral Scanner

For some patients, the thought of having their mouth open and examined for long periods of time, particularly when tools are being used inside it, is an uncomfortable one. For others, it might even not be possible. South Yarra orthodontics offers a solution for these kinds of patients.

An Intra-oral scanner is used to capture the shape of your teeth and your bite without the need for dental impressions . These scans can then be sent to laboratories in Australia and abroad, to analyse your unique mouth and construct your individual appliance. Intra-oral scanners can be advantageous for patients who have a gag reflex, or for those who have an aversion to having their mouth open for extended periods of time.

The scans will take approximately 5-10 minutes and will scan your upper and lower teeth at the same time. For patients having Invisalign treatment, an treatment simulation of your orthodontic correction can be demonstrated immediately after your scan is completed. You can see the future of your results almost instantly!

A comprehensive examination, without a mouthful of tools!

The team at South Yarra Orthodontics have had extensive training in operating and performing scans with the Intra-oral scanner. We strive to provide you with the best that modern technology can provide and only the most professional levels of care. If you are interested in booking a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.