Your First Orthodontic Visit

Your first Orthodontic Visit South Yarra

Whether you are visiting South Yarra Orthodontics for the first time, or you are a regular patient, our goal is to always provide you the very best in professional care and service.

You will have normally been referred to us from your general dentist, who has noticed you could benefit from an orthodontic treatment plan.

For the team at South Yarra Orthodontics to properly treat you or your family, the details of your medical history is needed. To save time when you first come into your dental visit, you can complete this form online: Medical History Form

Your first visit will involve a consultation and comprehensive examination with Dr Sudjalim. Your clinical records and radiographs will be taken in order to enable the correct diagnosis to be made and to allow for the formulation of the best treatment options for you or your child.

Dr Sudjalim will discuss the most suitable treatments for you, and her reasoning. There is ample time available during the initial consultation appointment to discuss any specific questions, concerns or treatment goals, which you may have.

Our treatment coordinator will then discuss treatment costs, our flexible payment plans and approximate treatment times at the completion of this appointment.

Please set aside approximately 30-40 minutes for your initial visit.

To learn more about your first visit with South Yarra Orthodontics, contact us today.