Patient Information

Orthodontic Patient Information South Yarra

South Yarra Orthodontics have built a patient centre to ensure we give our patients high class care in a modern and technological driven practice.

At South Yarra Orthodontics in South Yarra, Melbourne we place a high importance on providing you with comprehensive information on each orthodontic treatment. This helps you make informed and educated decisions to ensure you have a deep understanding of how your treatment will our orthodontic chair.

Visit our ‘frequently asked questions’ page to find out the common questions we get asked about our orthodontic treatments!

We have made our forms online now for your convenience!

Visit our ‘Your First Orthodontic Visit’ page to find out what to expect from your first visit with us.

Orthodontic Emergency?

Take a look at the videos below to see some tips and tricks that you can do at home if you experience an issue with your orthodontics but aren’t able to make it into the clinic.