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Do I need to have wisdom teeth removed before starting orthodontic treatment?

Are you considering orthodontics, but still have your wisdome teeth? For many young adults, the thought of having their wisdom teeth removed doesn’t exactly spark the feeling of joy. 

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last set of teeth to come in, and usually appear when someone is in their late teens or early twenties. In many cases, wisdom teeth need to be removed, as often there is not enough space for them to grow into. For some people, this could mean having all 4 removed, and for others it may just be one or two, and if you’re lucky, none!

The concern many dentists and orthodontists have with wisdom teeth, is that they may become impacted. This happens when the wisdom tooth grows out on an angle, and doesn’t have enough room to grow into the mouth, and so it gets stuck (or ‘impacted’). An impacted wisdom tooth can cause pain and damage to the surrounding teeth if not extracted,

So, when it comes to orthodontic treatment, and straightening your teeth and smile, what impact do wisdom teeth have?

Wisdom teeth may not be a concern for an orthodontist during your orthodontic treatment, unless scans show that they are potentially going to cause harm to the surrounding teeth. 

If this is the case, and Dr Sudjalim can identify that your wisdom teeth are in fact impacted, or will likely become impacted in future. She will refer you to a general dentist or specialist to have them removed prior to starting orthodontic treatment, if required.

However, if you still have your wisdom teeth, and they are coming in normally, or Dr Sudjalim can identify that they shouldn’t cause any interference with your braces or clear aligner treatment. She may deem you eligible to start treatment, and simply monitor the development of your wisdom teeth over the course of your orthodontic journey.

Starting orthodontic treatment in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a skilled, specialist orthodontist in Melbourne for orthodontic treatment such as braces, lingual braces or Invisalign aligners, request a consultation with Dr Sudjalim at South Yarra Orthodontics. 

With over 15 years of experience, Dr Sudjalim can help guide you through the process of correcting your smile, even if you are concerned about your wisdom teeth impacting on your treatment results. Dr Sudjalim has treated many patients in their late teens and early twenties who have wisdom teeth, and she will happily provide you with all the information you require to make an informed decision.
You can request a consultation with Dr Sudjalim at South Yarra Orthodontics by booking online, or calling our practice on (03) 9131 1999