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What to expect during orthodontic treatment

Are you thinking about undergoing orthodontic treatment to enhance your smile? Look no further than South Yarra Orthodontics! We firmly believe that orthodontic treatment can greatly improve both your cosmetic appearance and your oral health.

While each individual’s orthodontic treatment plan is unique, taking into account factors such as the complexity of their orthodontic issues, age, and desired outcomes, all treatment plans under the expert guidance of Specialist Orthodontist Dr. Theresia Sudjalim at South Yarra Orthodontics follow a consistent structure. To provide you with a clear understanding of what your orthodontic journey might entail, read on.

Initial Consultation: Your journey begins with an initial consultation at South Yarra Orthodontics. During this, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your treatment goals and any concerns you have about your smile with Dr. Sudjalim. A comprehensive examination of your teeth and jaw alignment will take place, possibly including dental photographs and digital scans for a thorough assessment.

At the end of this initial consultation, Dr. Sudjalim or one of our experienced Treatment Coordinators will present you with personalised treatment recommendations. This will encompass an estimated duration of treatment, associated costs, and the recommended orthodontic appliances, whether it’s braces or clear aligners.

Starting Treatment: Once you decide to proceed with treatment at South Yarra Orthodontics, the next step is scheduling your treatment start date. In some cases, if you opt for braces treatment, Dr. Sudjalim may be able to apply the braces on the same day! However, if this isn’t possible, our friendly team will work with you to arrange a convenient appointment for your braces or clear aligner fitting.

Adjustment Appointments: Regular adjustment appointments are a crucial aspect of your treatment journey. Typically scheduled every 8-12 weeks, these appointments allow Dr. Sudjalim to closely monitor the progress of your tooth movement and ensure it aligns with the treatment plan.

Maintaining Your Appliance and Oral Hygiene: Throughout your treatment, maintaining optimal oral hygiene is essential. This involves diligently brushing your teeth twice daily (especially important if you’re wearing braces) and consistently flossing. Additionally, continue to visit your general dentist as part of your oral care routine. It is important to understand that your orthodontic trips are not replacements for your usual general dentist check ups. 

Taking proper care of your orthodontic appliance is equally important. Whether you have braces or clear aligners, it’s crucial to avoid foods that could potentially damage the appliance, such as hard nuts or sticky lollies. If you’re engaging in sports, especially contact sports, be sure to consult Dr. Sudjalim for recommendations on suitable mouth guards.

Completing Treatment: Once your treatment plan is successfully completed and Dr. Sudjalim is satisfied with the outcome, your orthodontic treatment journey will come to an end. This involves removing aligners or braces to reveal your new and improved smile!

Sustaining Your New Smile: After completing your treatment, Dr. Sudjalim will provide guidance on a retainer regimen. Retainers are essential post-treatment to maintain your teeth’s corrected alignment. Without proper use, you run the risk of your teeth moving and impacting the end results of your orthodontic treatment. The duration of retainer usage will be tailored to Dr. Sudjalim’s recommendations, with many individuals wearing their retainers a few times each week for several years to ensure a lasting, beautiful smile.

We hope this guide provides you with valuable insights into the orthodontic journey. If you’re considering orthodontic care, whether it’s braces or clear aligners, don’t hesitate to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Theresia Sudjalim at South Yarra Orthodontics today!