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10 Tips to Take Care of Braces

Braces are made of irremovable metal brackets which are bound to your teeth and connected by wires.

Having braces can be slightly difficult in the beginning and could take some getting used to. Maintaining proper dental care is not only crucial to keep the device in great shape but also to keep your teeth strong and healthy so that you can reap the benefits of the treatment!
Dental problems fixed by braces are:

· Crowded teeth

· Gaps

· Protruding teeth

· Crooked teeth

Tips to help you make the best of your life while wearing braces:

  1. Do not stop smiling

Often patients are more aware of the braces than other people are. You have taken a step to improve your oral health and that should be something to smile about.

  1. Invest in an electric toothbrush

Not only will this make your life a whole lot easier but an electric toothbrush can clean your teeth more thoroughly than manual brushing.

3. Brush gently

Vigorous brushing may also cause the wires to break and you would have to visit your orthodontist to have it fixed. A good tip is to first rinse your mouth with warm water to loosen food particles that may be stuck on the device. When you start brushing, focus on one tooth at a time and do not forget to clean the gum line and below the brackets, not just the device itself.

  1. Remove the elastics before brushing and replace them twice a day

Elastics may prevent you from opening your mouth wide enough to brush properly. You would have to replace the elastics twice a day as they can also collect plaque.

  1. Spend more time brushing whilst looking into the mirror 

This is so that you can get rid of any food or plaque that is stuck in the brackets.

6. Carry a travel toothbrush

You should clean your teeth after every meal. Avoidance can lead to staining, bad breath, decay or gum disease.

7. Sacrifice the hard foods

When you wear braces, you need to be more aware of what you eat. Eating too many sugary foods can cause plaque to build up around the brackets, which can result in staining of the teeth, cavities or lead to gum disease. You should especially avoid sticky and chewy food which can get stuck in the device. Candy, tough meat or anything that is difficult to chew should be avoided when you have braces as it could also cause your wire to break. In the first week after getting braces, your teeth may be slightly painful and eating could be difficult. Good food options during this time are:

· Mash potatoes

· Butternut

· Soft Fish

· Soft chicken

· Soups

· Soft pudding

8. Do not forget to floss

Once a day to prevent gum disease as the device makes it easier for food particles to build up in your mouth

  1. Do not panic if your wire breaks

Do not try to bend the wire or remove it on your own as you could hurt yourself. Instead, cover the points with gum or wax to prevent it from poking your cheek. Your next step should be to contact your orthodontist.

  1. Carry a kit

Prepare a kit with a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, wax and mouthwash in case of emergency.


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