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One of the most common patient concerns when considering orthodontic treatment is the perception that it will negatively affect their appearance, especially in social settings.

However, at South Yarra Orthodontics, we understand that it’s just as important to have a confident smile during treatment, as it is after treatment. For that reason, we offer whitening kits to our adult patients undergoing both clear aligner treatment with Invisalign or lingual braces treatment (braces behind the teeth).

Our professional grade whitening kits are endorsed by our specialist orthodontist, Dr Theresia Sudjalim, an industry leader in orthodontics, and national speaker for Invisalign.

Whitening kits are a terrific option for people who want to maintain their white smile during treatment, as well as those looking to simply improve their general tooth colour.

At present, traditional metal and ceramic (clear) braces patients will need to wait until their treatment is complete before they can take advantage of our whitening kits, as whitening is only available for patients in aligners and lingual braces.

What are the benefits of whitening your teeth during orthodontic treatment?

There are a multitude of benefits for whitening your teeth during treatment, similar to the benefits of whitening your teeth outside of treatment, patients often report that:

  • They feel a greater sense of confidence in their smile after whitening
  • Their facial aesthetics have improved
  • Their whiter teeth suit their new straighter smile
  • They are happy to have the option of whitening while undergoing treatment

Where can I get my teeth whitened in Melbourne?

South Yarra Orthodontics is one of the leading orthodontic practices in Melbourne, led by specialist orthodontist Dr Theresia Sudjalim, who has over 15 years of orthodontic experience. Dr Theresia often recommends whitening kits to people looking to maintain a white smile throughout their treatment, as well as those undergoing clear aligner treatment who may have a special event such as a wedding.

Our teeth whitening kits are sought after by patients undergoing clear aligner treatment such as Invisalign. These whitening kits are available both to existing and new patients. If you would like to find out more about whitening during your treatment, or starting treatment with South Yarra Orthodontics, you can request a consultation here, or simply call our practice on (03) 9131 1999 for more information.