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Dental assistants often work behind the scenes, but their impact on oral health and patient care is not to be overlooked. Here at South Yarra Orthodontics, our dental assistants perform a range of tasks from supporting our amazing specialist orthodontists and oral health therapists during procedures, as well as providing comfort to patients. 

Here’s why dental assistants are truly awesome:

  • They are the patient care champions: Dental assistants are often the first friendly face patients see when they walk into the dental clinic. They greet patients warmly, alleviate their anxieties, and ensure their comfort throughout their visit. Whether you’re having braces popped on, taken off or anything and everything in between, their compassionate approach helps patients feel at ease, making appointments less daunting.
  • They are skilful multitaskers: Dental assistants juggle multiple tasks seamlessly, from sterilising instruments and preparing treatment rooms to assisting dentists during procedures. Their ability to stay organised and efficient ensures that appointments run smoothly and on schedule, maximising both the orthodontist’s and the patient’s time.
  • They are super knowledgeable: Dental assistants possess a wealth of knowledge about dental procedures, instruments, and materials. They can help educate patients on proper oral hygiene techniques, provide valuable post-treatment instructions, and answer any questions patients may have, empowering patients to take control of their oral health.
  • They are the best team players: Dental assistants are integral members of the dental team, collaborating closely with dentists, hygienists, and administrative staff to deliver high-quality care. Their teamwork and camaraderie create a positive work environment where everyone thrives and patients receive exceptional service.
  • They are adaptable problem solvers: In the fast-paced environment of an orthodontic practice, sometimes unexpected challenges can arise. Maybe you’ve come in with a broken bracket you weren’t aware of, or need a little bit of extra time. Dental assistants are quick thinkers who adapt to changing circumstances with ease, finding creative solutions to ensure that your care remains top-notch.

Our dental assistants’ dedication and passion for their work make them truly awesome individuals who deserve recognition and appreciation. So, here’s to dental assistants everywhere—thank you for all that you do! Would you like to come in and say ‘Hi’ to our awesome assistants? Why not book an appointment with our friendly team today?