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Lingual Braces From South Yarra Orthodontics Have Developed Over The Last Few Decades To Become The Perfect Balancing Act Of Efficacy And Discretion

Here at South Yarra Orthodontics, we are big believers in the power of lingual braces to shape your smile and to give you the best possible results with nobody being the wiser. Lingual braces are truly one of the most important discoveries in orthodontics and are incredibly adept at correcting major concerns while remaining almost entirely invisible to the naked eye. Adult patients who are looking to straighten their teeth should undoubtedly be looking at lingual braces as an option if they want an orthodontic treatment that values discretion.

The Origins Of Lingual Braces

The first set of lingual braces were conceptualised and developed in 1976 by an American orthodontist by the name of Dr Craven Kurz when a famous patient of his requested a less conspicuous method of treatment. This led him to question the nature of braces and how he could possibly modify them to be less visible, but this was fraught with issues in the beginning. With the conception of these new brackets, he encountered problems pertaining to speech, durability and irritation, but he was determined to realise his ideas and he sought the help of a dental company to make it happen.

An Important Breakthrough In Orthodontics

Their collaboration made instant inroads and after successfully smoothing the brackets of his lingual braces, they went on to address the problems with irritation. With these major concerns dealt with, the public quickly took to them and the popularity of this revolutionary orthodontic treatment soared. By 1986, lingual braces had become a sensation, so much so that Kurz was given the chance to build his own organisation which he named The American Lingual Orthodontic Association. With his newfound cachet, he continued to bring lingual braces to the fore with lectures and literature.

Lingual Braces From South Yarra Orthodontics

We now have the benefit of some pretty amazing technology and using the very latest CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping and even robotics to help to create a fully customised treatment plan. Because your lingual braces are attached to the inside of your teeth, they make far less contact with the soft tissue of your mouth which means significantly more comfort. They are able to treat a whole range of concerns as effectively as any other orthodontic treatment, without even being seen.

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