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Festive Season Tips For People With Braces

 The festive season is upon us and you are probably looking forward to letting your hair down and indulging on all the treats the holidays have to offer. After all, Christmas only comes once a year. Although enjoying your time off is important, taking care of your teeth should also be a priority. We know how easy it is to become ‘wrapped up’ in the festive cheer and to forget your braces are even there.

Here are a few tips to look after your braces this holiday:

1. Limit your sweet intake

We know we are asking for quite the sacrifice but try and limit your sugar content which generally escalates during the festive season. When you do indulge, be sure to rinse your mouth after, to limit bacterial build-up.

2. Do not use your teeth to pop Champagne

A broken wire and potentially broken tooth could just be the outcome of your festivities. If you are in the habit of using your teeth as a bottle opener (which is a big no no) be sure to have a bottle opener handy at all times so that temptation does not lead you to unforeseen circumstances.

3. Do not skip the night brushing

With parties aplenty, one may be tempted to skip brushing their teeth at night and rather climb straight into bed. People with braces are more susceptible to bacterial build up which is why cleaning your teeth after every meal is important. Ensure that you brush for at least two minutes after every meal and at night.

4. Do not forget to floss

Brushing does not remove all the plaque or leftover food particles from your teeth. Ensure that you do not skip flossing as this can, in the long run, cause gum disease and bad breath.

5. How about a new toothbrush?

What is on your wish list this Christmas? Why not ask for a new toothbrush if yours is beginning to show signs of wear. It would be even more exciting if you were to receive an electric one. Should this not make it to your stocking this year, maybe treating yourself to a cool new brush!

6. Opt for savouries

Cheese and crackers are a great alternative to the sweet snacks this Christmas. While we advise savouries, it is advisable that you stay away from the nuts as these could damage your wire.

If you are going away this holiday, here are a few essentials to keep in mind: 

– Your dental wax

– A travel toothbrush along with your toothbrush

– Floss

– The emergency number for an orthodontist in the area you are visiting.

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