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Orthodontic issues are usually apparent by the age of seven when the majority of the adult teeth have emerged

For a smile that lasts a lifetime, children need to have teeth that are straight and jaws that align correctly. This all starts with their baby teeth. If baby teeth come through straight and healthy, this creates a great platform for the adult teeth to come through the same.

Early treatment can be as simple as monitoring the growth the development of the jaws and the way baby teeth are aligned, when and how they fall out, and how much room they allow or don’t allow for the emergence of permanent adult teeth.

The team at South Yarra Orthodontics will monitor your child’s oral development right through to their teenage years to ensure correct tooth eruption, guide facial growth and to prevent future problems from developing.

What is an early treatment for children?

Early orthodontic treatment for children is a type of dental treatment that corrects tooth and jaw positioning issues with a goal of straightening teeth so as that the upper and lower sets of teeth meet in perfect alignment.

Early treatment can also involve appropriate extractions of the deciduous teeth (baby teeth) and the placement of a few braces. South Yarra Orthodontics also implements the use of space holding, functional or passive appliances and the use of a growth-modifying appliance to ensure straight and healthy teeth throughout their life.

What can early treatment fix?

Early evaluation of your child’s smile can fix and prevent an array of oral issues. The main difference between child and adult orthodontics is that the treatment procedures are aimed at prevention, rather than treatment.

Children’s orthodontics can fix an array of orthodontic issues by:

  • Generating sufficient room for the erupting adult teeth to prevent crowding
  • Creating symmetry by manipulating jaw and facial bone growth
  • Lessening the need for tooth removal due to crowding
  • Reducing risk of injury to the protruding front teeth, gums and face
  • Decreasing the timeframe for braces in the future

What are the benefits of early orthodontic treatment?

South Yarra Orthodontics believes that prevention is always better than the cure. Providing early treatment to the correct candidates can be beneficial as it can help to simplify, or prevent orthodontic treatment in the future.

As a child’s teeth and jaw are still undergoing development, it makes it much easier to manipulate the jaw and to correct abnormalities. Once the jaw has stopped growing, some orthodontic treatment may not be possible.

Early intervention may also prevent more serious problems from developing. If your child does need treatment later in life, it can make the treatment shorter and less complicated.

Getting a professional opinion from an orthodontist early ensures treatment can begin at the optimal age. In the majority of South Yarra Orthodontics cases, orthodontic treatment is started as soon as the last baby tooth has been lost – usually in the early teens. In some cases, however, it is an advantage to start just before the last baby teeth are lost.

Early intervention from South Yarra Orthodontics

Early treatment from South Yarra Orthodontics can be a highly effective interceptive measure that can create a functioning, healthy and beautiful mouth throughout adulthood.

If you think your child may need early intervention, or you aren’t sure, come in for a consult with the team at South Yarra Orthodontics today.