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Starting on a journey to a straighter smile often involves considering various orthodontic treatments, and in some cases, the need for tooth removal may arise. While the idea of having a tooth removed might seem counterintuitive to achieving a perfect smile, there are valid reasons why this step is sometimes necessary for the braces treatment process and is a treatment decision that your specialist orthodontist will not take lightly. 

One common reason for tooth removal before getting braces is overcrowding. Overcrowded teeth occur when there isn’t enough space in the jaw for all the teeth to align properly. By strategically removing one or more teeth, orthodontists create the necessary space for the remaining teeth to move into their optimal positions with the help of braces.

Tooth extraction is also employed in cases of severe misalignment or protrusion. When teeth are severely crooked, aligning them may require more space than is naturally available. By removing a tooth, orthodontists can guide the remaining teeth into a straighter and more aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

The decision to extract a tooth is made after a thorough examination and assessment of the individual’s dental structure. While it might seem like a drastic step, it is sometimes crucial for ensuring the success and effectiveness of orthodontic treatment.

At South Yarra Orthodontics, Dr. Theresia Sudjalim takes a conservative approach in assessing the necessity of tooth removal for orthodontic treatment, diligently exploring potential alternative solutions to ensure a comprehensive and personalised care plan for each patient. 

Braces work by applying gentle pressure to shift teeth over time, and removing a tooth helps facilitate this movement without causing additional complications. Trusting the expertise of orthodontic professionals and understanding the specific needs of your unique dental situation will pave the way for a more comfortable and successful journey to a beautifully aligned smile.

If you’re ready to begin your braces journey with a specialist orthodontist, book an appointment with the friendly and compassionate team at South Yarra Orthodontics today.