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When we say the word ‘braces,’ you probably immediately associate them with the smiles of teenagers and children. However, as orthodontic technology advances, and new treatments become available, more and more adults are opting to undertake orthodontic treatment later in life. Why? Because it is never too late to have the smile that you want!

Can Adults Get Braces?

At South Yarra Orthodontics, we offer a number of treatments for adult patients to suit your personal and professional lifestyle. From traditional metal and clear brackets to braces placed behind the teeth, to the virtually invisible Invisalign clear aligners; your new straight and healthy smile are closer and easier than you might think!

We understand that as an adult, you are less likely to want to have noticeable, coloured bands and elastics (like children seem to) and may be more concerned with how an orthodontic treatment will affect your aesthetic. That is why we offer several discreet orthodontic treatments to suit your preference and lifestyle.

What are the discreet orthodontic options for adults?

Aside from the obvious cosmetic benefits of straight, aligned teeth, orthodontic treatments also can have a number of health benefits, too!  These include improved oral health, improved overall health, prevention of tooth wear and improved speech.  The discreet, teeth-straightening options that we have available include:

Clear ceramic braces

Clear ceramic braces are a more modern treatment alternative to traditional metal braces and work to move your teeth using wires and brackets. Instead of using metal brackets, the brackets are made from a clear-coloured ceramic, which makes them more discreet. These are a common option for the top teeth. Many patients opt to have clear ceramic braces on their top teeth, and metal brackets on the bottom, as a more cost-effective option.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign is generally a more gradual treatment, used for patients who have teeth alignment issues but are not experiencing significant bite problems. Invisalign uses a series of clear, comfortable and removable aligners (much like a thin mouthguard). They are both virtually invisible and user-friendly, as they can be taken out to enjoy that crisp apple, to take that photo, or for your presentation in that important meeting! You will visit your orthodontist regularly to collect each new set of aligners as your teeth move.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are almost the same as traditional metal braces; with one big difference! Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth, rather than in front of them. They have all the straightening power of regular braces, but are almost totally hidden from view!  Another key benefit of this type of adult orthodontic treatment is that the braces being behind the teeth lessens the amount of metal that touches the soft tissues in the mouth, which can cause cuts and abrasions.  While some patients may find speaking with behind-the-teeth braces a little tricky at first, your mouth and tongue quickly learn to adjust, and you’ll be back to normal speech in no time.

Just as no two smiles are the same, no two treatment plans can be the same either. A consultation with us at South Yarra Orthodontic will determine the best treatment plan for you. We always take the time to listen to your questions and concerns.

Adult Orthodontics at South Yarra Orthodontics in South Yarra

To find out more about our adult orthodontic treatments at South Yarra Orthodontics, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today!