Lingual Braces Consultation

What are the benefits of lingual braces?

  • lingual bracesThey are customised: Each Incognito braces appliance is individually designed and created just for you using the latest CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping and robotic technology to achieve optimum results. Your teeth are unique. Why should your orthodontics be any different?
  • They are comfortable: As lingual braces are behind the teeth, they are in less contact with the delicate soft tissues of the mouth that are often affected by traditional braces. This allows for a more comfortable treatment.
  • They are hidden: Unlike some other orthodontic treatments, Incognito braces are hidden behind the teeth, allowing you to smile as normal throughout your treatment.
  • They prevent visible decalcification: Some people are left with decalcification of the tooth surface after braces if they have not taken enough care in their oral cleaning routine. This appears as white marks around where the bracket was secured to the tooth. With lingual braces, there is no risk of decalcification to the visible front side of the tooth.
  • They have less waiting time: With lingual braces, you can see the results as they occur and don’t have to wait until the appliance is removed to show-off your new smile.
  • They offer solutions for every type of orthodontic problem: Some other hidden orthodontic treatments, such as clear retainers, can only be used to fix certain, cosmetic issues of the teeth. Other issues, such as bite problems or malocclusions, cannot benefit from this retainer treatment and requires different pressures and appliances to create change. Lingual braces can be used to treat almost all problems, to ensure a perfect, healthy result.

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